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Changed My life-Physically and Emotionally

I am beyond thrilled with my experiences with Dr. Kim and the Acupuncture and NAET Center. About 10 years ago, I discovered NAET with a practitioner in Richmond, VA, when I became allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten, and eggs randomly, all at once. She was able to help me at the time, but due to school and travels I took an 8 year break.

About 6 months ago, I noticed a new set of allergy symptoms starting to occur (diarrhea, stomach pains, body pains, lethargy, depression, etc.). In addition, I went through a very terrible break-up and was an emotional mess (panic attacks, anxiety, crying uncontrollably, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, etc.). I heard wonderful things about Dr. Kim and it’s amazing the difference she’s been able to make in these 6 months.

She was able to pinpoint the new allergies that had developed over the past 8 years and treat them for me. Also, she was able to clear the painful emotional blockages from the break-up that would have taken me at least 5 years in therapy to pinpoint, I’m sure. My digestive system has been healthier these past 6 months, then it had been in years.

In addition, I recently got into a bad car accident. Not only does Dr. Kim continue to help my allergies, but she’s now doing acupuncture on all of my injuries – has made a huge difference so far!

Honestly, the best part about her is that I’ve not had to taken any pills or have any shots to mask my digestive and car accident pains. I love that we are able to get such amazing results all naturally. She truly cares and wants to get to the causes, which is very refreshing from most doctors.

I definitely recommend visiting Dr. Kim if your body feels “off” in any way – physically or emotionally. She’s changed my life! 🙂

Megan M.
February 14, 2017