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My persistent coughing and wheezing have stopped after NAET Treatments!

Fifteen years ago, I started to develop a consistent cough throughout the Autumn months.  A few allergists told me that I was allergic to tree pollens and moles and suggested that I use allergy medications during this season so that I don’t end up with bronchitis and respiratory complications.  As the years went on, I developed persistent coughs that last throughout the year where I have to use allergy medicines and steroids all year round to keep my asthma and bronchitis at bay.

I came to the Acupuncture & NAET Center last year in hoping just to keep my allergy under control or at least minimize my intake of allergy medicines and steroids. However, the Center have surpassed my expectation. I haven’t needed to use allergy medicines nor steroids for over two seasons because my persistent coughing and wheezing have stopped.  For the first time in 15 years, I was able to run at 6 miles/hours rate for 45 minutes nonstop. I haven’t been able to run nonstop for more than 3 minutes over the last 15 years due to coughing and wheezing, symptoms of allergy.

Thank you Dr. Kim for giving me my life and livelihood back.

Eternally grateful,


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