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Changed my life long illness with amazing NAET treatments

As a person with both educational background and professions in the realm of science, I had been skeptical of NAET before Renee Kim, L.Ac., applied it to cure my nasal congestion and environmental allergies which persisted for about four decades. I am fortunate to have read a book which offers initial scientific explanations for NAET, thus encouraging me to meet her in February, 2018. My nostrils have been bleeding daily in the last few years, all year round, as a result of severe seasonal allergy. Every night during those times, my nostrils were clogged, and so my CPAP machine, supposedly to handle obstructive sleep apnea, could not help me breathe; application of nasal sprays exacerbated clogging; I could not sleep, let alone my insomnia not contributed by nostrils clogging. Conventional medicine offered no solution.

By contrast, even before she completed the “basic 5” NAET treatments in the first few weeks, nasal congestion had disappeared! At present, nasal congestion or seasonal allergy has not recurred. This is my first time I have enjoyed summer time without any allergy symptoms since about four decades ago. My ENT specialist has verified that I now do not have congestion or allergy. This irrefutably establishes the success of my NAET conducted by her. In the course of applying the NAET “basic 15” for eliminating my food allergies, unbeknownst to me until she explained to me, my environmental allergies, insomnia, headache, and even acid reflux, have been largely reduced or eliminated. She is now treating me with NAET combinations for maximum benefits. My wife has also benefited from NAET by her. Before completing the “basic 15”, her severe, environmental allergies have been largely eliminated. As a by-product, her gum disease has diminished to the point that invasive surgery is no longer necessary.

Last but not least, Renee Kim, a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.), is very nice, kind, friendly, and professional. She definitely cares for patients and is a dedicated NAET practitioner with advanced skills. Some of her many outstanding qualities are being meticulous and considerate to patients. Without her and NAET, life would have been quite miserable for me and my wife! Since she is such an experienced and successful expert in treating allergies, we have highly recommended her to our family members, relatives, and friends, for treating allergies, the definition of which has been much generalized by the founder of NAET, Dr. Nambudripad, to include many more diseases than people usually think about allergies.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

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